Lori Woodward Simons 's comment on 12 Steps to Get Your Artwork Noticed by Galleries

Lori Woodward Simons
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When I first began approaching galleries, I selected ones I could drive to within 2 hours. First I visited them, but didn't let the staff know I was an artist.

I wanted to see how the gallery treated folks who came in and how knowledgeable they were about the artists they represented.

I've found that gallery owners want you to be familiar with their space - and not just from ads but in person. You should determine how well your work will fit into the type of art they sell.

I still believe in a mailed submission - now with a CD and printed photos. You'll want to knock their socks off with visuals. If they like the work, they'll read more and possibly visit your website.

And remember always, they are looking for quality - it may sound selfish, but gallery owners look at your work and ask themselves: Will my clients buy this?

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