Robert Sloan 's comment on Well-Meaning Art Galleries Come to Wrong Conclusion

Robert Sloan
via faso.com
It might just be an excuse for "We don't have the space for another artist right now," more than "we don't like it." Obviously they do like that style because they have Artist A there.

But if they're doing it to avoid hanging any work too similar to what's already there, that is counter productive. That principle has worked in every art sales venue high or low that I've ever found.

It works for craft fairs. If there are a lot of crafters with good wood carvings, people will travel miles to get to the fair with the great wood carvings.

When I go looking for representation, I'll go looking for galleries that like my landscapes and have animal paintings similar to mine - loose painterly ones as well as tightly detailed accurate wildlife painting. I know I'll maximize my sales and that they'll get better exposure too hanging next to me.

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