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Thank you all for this very interesting thread!
Now my eyes opened. I've been struggling to get noticed by some gallery for the last half year - no luck.

I understood that my biggest problem is that I just cannot find gallery which exhibits something similar to what I do. I do sculptors and they are realistic (and perhaps a bit of grotesque). I live in London UK and it surprises me that I cannot find a gallery with realistic sculpture. Most of the sculpture is abstract or some post-post modern, mix of materials or includes brutal ugliness.

The second problem is that I am really bad in networking :(

What I don't understand in this world is why everyone is not doing the job that suits his or her profession. Painter must paint and seller must sell. Why does the painter need to sell?

Why should I break my head in learning a profession that contradicts with all my character and all my skills?

If you have a flat you want to sell, you do not sell it by yourself, you go to an agent. Is there a possibility to hire an agent who will sell/exhibit my work?

Were Picasso, Rodin, Leonardo Da Vinci - all traders?

For me the profession of a trader/dealer is something that does not go together with art. Art work brings your attention by its own existence. Trade brings your attention forcedly by advertisement etc.

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