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Esther J. Williams
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Clint, thanks for the tips, I have used them. I have sold quite a number of pieces on eBay and have recently started a database of their records along with the pieces I have sold in galleries and exhibitions. I had to dig for quite awhile in invoices online through PayPal. It was grueling. Although the eBay customers have paid the least for my art, they still have pride in owning an original work of art. A pleasant surprise is when one of them emails me that they appreciate I give them updates on my career. I send out a little newsletter once in awhile now. When I paint on location, I like the fact that I have conversations with anybody who walks by and stops to talk to me when I am painting. They are the ones who will ask for a business card too. But the thing is, I get their info also and when I call them, they remember me with an optimistic sound in their voice. People like it when an artist talks to them, it makes them feel important and recognized. I appreciate the connection too, unless it is a homeless person who is very drunk. That's happened more than once!
I just got rejected from a juried show that I really wanted to get into in a bad way. I entered what I considered to be my best works. I felt personally insulted by the low scores I got. Enough so that I wanted to give up trying to paint today. Luckily, my husband gave me some support. Artists are sensitive people and the juried show process is brutal sometimes. I sat in the sun and listened to the birds sing and I suddenly felt lifted again. I told myself, I love nature so much and it is in my nature to be an artist, I am really good, this I do know. I will not let one judge ruin that, although he wrecked my day and probably 100 others. I like your suggestion in number 2 to ignore critics. Maybe my style of work did not fit into this show or measure up to the more established artists, but it sells and that's proof people like it. I won't quit, I'll just get over another bucking bronco contest, dust off the seat of my pants, get back in the saddle and ride. Again, I appreciate your blog today, it also has lifted me up.

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