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Lori Woodward Simons
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Hi Dino,

The paintings are on display and if any of the guests takes time to look at them, I explain why I painted that particular scene and where it is around Tucson. If it's a figure or portrait, I just say who the person is and why I painted him or her.

Still lifes don't seem to need any explanation. Folks either love 'em at first sight or they don't.

If the painting has been published or won an award, I mention that as well. Then I leave them alone. These people are anxious to get out and tour the area. After all, it is a B&B. Then when they visit the places I've painted, they often take more interest in the artwork.

I can tell when someone is looking at a piece and thinking about buying it. At an outdoor art show, I'd go over and talk to them - asking if they are interested in adding it to their collection. However, at the B&B, they have plenty of time to make a decision - there is no rush, so I just let them look each morning as they like.

When they finally decide to buy the painting, they come to me after breakfast and announce that they have decided to buy, and I then explain how to pay and ask if they want the painting shipped or plan to ship it themselves.

Hope that helps!

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