Lori Woodward 's comment on Defining Hard, Soft and Lost Edges In Your Paintings

Lori Woodward
via faso.com
Thanks for your comments, everyone. One day after I'd been painting with the Putney Painters for about a year, fellow artist, Rosemary Ladd said to Richard Schmid... you ought to come over and look at what Lori painted.

Richard looked at it for about 10 seconds and said, "There are no soft edges." He's pretty nice to when he doesn't know you well, but if he does, he cuts right to the punch.

Yeah, I felt like crying.. I was feeling pretty proud of the painting, and it wasn't bad at all, but Richard wanted me to get sophisticated with edge control. That's when I started taking a longer look at my setup to discover which edges were truly hard. Then I played the rest down.

Personally, I like paintings that have hard edged realism more than those that are fuzzy all over, but I think the best compositions have a strategic combination of edges, hard, soft and lost... because that's what really happens in life.
I'm still working on this aspect of my paintings. I know it when I see it done well, but putting in my own work, well that's another story!

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