Esther J. Williams 's comment on Confidence Part 2

Esther J. Williams
via faso.com
Keith, have you read "Lust For Life" the book about Van Gogh`s life? It is almost gut wrenching to read about his struggles in his personal life. I think because his personal life was such a failure that he lacked confidence. But his strength was in his ability to create incredible art. I do not think he could differentiate between the two or decipher why he was a failure on one end and successful creating masterful art, therefore he suffered and tormented himself continually. He wasn`t accepted back then and I think that killed him because he was so sensitive. One thing I noticed is great artists are also very sensitive, emotional beings.

I do one thing like Sharon W. mentioned above, I go through all my image folders where all art is chronologically set into categories. Right now I am re-organizing my website so I have taken a hard look at the many works done in the past year alone. I am taking each artwork image and replacing it after I examine it on my new monitor. Some I will delete as they just do not represent where I am skill-wise now. I see growth with each painting, but it doesn`t come by just doing one painting after another. Inner growth comes to me by actually being critical of myself, reading art educational books and viewing past and present artist`s works. Also showing my art to a gallery director or a master artist and getting input. Then trying smarter the next time I paint. It also comes by entering art shows and receiving awards and sales. With growth and discovery comes more confidence as it is implemented into successive works. It also comes from not being so hard on myself afterall, I accept my failures as a stepping stone to success the next time. To feel confident is to be of a belief that we are successful or great or a master. I can play a mind game with myself each day and think I really hit the big time. It works for the short dreaming and visualization and then I wake up from the day dream. Only to see how I am not and get to feeling that lack again. Life is a climb upwards and that takes effort and not giving up. We are complicated human beings as artists, the fact is that life is not a bowl of cherries and there are many times we feel underrated. As I get older, I accept that and feel that times like those low moments will pass. Time is on our side and inspiration is just around the corner with a new discovery and breakthrough that we accomplish. Life can be grand at times! Keep learning and reaching.

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