Jake Gaedtke 's comment on The Two Plein Air Artists

Jake Gaedtke
via faso.com
You stir controversy with your article, which is good. Being a Founding member and board of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters, we have had to deal with this issue directly. After ten years of putting on our plein air events, we finally decided we had to trust our participants that they were going to do what they are going to do. We even quit stamping our participants panels before an event because we trust them. We never intend our events to be a competition, heaven forbid. It's a time when our members, who are all seasoned and experienced plein air painters, can come together to paint and show our work. The fact that we are all showing together puts pressure on everyone to do their best. I know of some so called plein air painters who have taken photos of their scene and go into their hotel rooms to do the painting. Shame on them. I personally try to do as much as possible on loaction. There are times however where factors like the weather, the light, friends who I am with painting want to move on, and I don't get to finish a painting. Those paintings I do "finish up" later. I don't paint in my hotel room, but I set up outside or go back to the location I started, and I only allow myself a small period of time to do so. Otherwise I will ruin the spontinaity. I find I can noodle a painting to death and ruin the entire escence of a painting. We can't have plein air police out checking every participants painting processes and habits. We have to trust our people to have integrity and are painting for themselves however they do it. Those are the kinds of people we look for to participate in our organization....of which you are a highly respected member of.

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