Nancy Riedell 's comment on The Two Plein Air Artists

Nancy Riedell
via faso.com
Thank you so much for bringing up this topic This has been a sticky wicket in my side for years. I used to belong to a Plein Air group and we would go happily to various locations in Santa Cruz and paint. Most were absolute abominations. We agreed to bring the piece to the next meet (a month later) and discuss its pros and cons. Well, the coordinator would work her piece 11 (ELEVEN!) times and bring it to the next meeting. I was offended.

Plein Air means just that. You work it "en plein aire" and what you have worked is what the viewer should see. In fact, I think it's cheating to take it home and re-work it. It's not fair to the other artists who are true to the French term. Plus, it's misleading to any viewer who might be interested in buying that piece as they would be under the assumption that it was painted in the great outdoors.

There oughtta be a law!!!


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