Barbara 's comment on The Two Plein Air Artists

via faso.com
Painting en plein air with the intent to finish on-the-spot, alla prima, results in paintings that can look fresh and loose. With the clock ticking at a plein air event, "mistakes" are overlooked, some subtlety may be lost, yet it's a way to show your chops in the same way a jazz musician improvises. Artists who prefer to paint-and-move-on may like this approach best. If the result is field studies for future use, so much the better.

But if you want the chance to give the end owner the very best of your insight, not just your recording of a scene, then it seems that some purposeful followup to "polish" the painting so that it glows with the best of your spirit, know-how and vision makes sense to me. It allows for you to integrate your own artistic sense while honoring the hopes of the future owner of the work.

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