Rhoda J Powers 's comment on The Two Plein Air Artists

Rhoda J Powers
via faso.com
Brian, good discussion points, I can see how this idea could be brought forward to include artists who hire, or work with apprentices, or other studio help in their processes and production. As a individual glass and mixed media artist, I often wonder about exactly when does another human have significant influence in the work we produce? We are constantly influenced by other artists, what we see, process, what we hear, feel, often stimuli/work created by others. At what point does it become a collaboration? There are many hot glass studios with some big name artists who have people who influence the end result, whether it's an idea, color suggestion, a simple turn of the punty with molten glass attached, a larger lung capacity...... yet the piece is signed by a single artist. For the "purest" the answers seem clear, but like it or not there is a lot of gray in this world. I suppose we need to manage our own palette so to speak and not concern ourselves with others.

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