Marian Fortunati 's comment on The Two Plein Air Artists

Marian Fortunati
via faso.com
Hi Keith..
This has been a topic of discussion forever, it seems and really there is no way to answer it. Even if an even set a standard of "completing the painting outside" or "no more than 10 percent completed after returning from the field" how in the world would you enforce it??

Heck I've even seen artists who paint a whole sunny day scene while they are standing outside in the fog. They paint from memory of having painted in that place on a sunny day over and over.

What's right?? Does the buyer care?? Probably the buyer who prefers sunny scenes doesn't.

In every endeavor there are purists and those who are less than "pure". It's just the way it is.

Even studio painters say that it is important to paint outdoors.... why??

I say painting outdoors is an experience that should never be missed... just for the joy of it.

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