Brian Sherwin 's comment on FineArtViews Interview: Sarah Eilefson -- Grants and Communications Coordinator for the National Veterans Art Museum

Brian Sherwin
via faso.com
Donald -- I'm not labeling liberals by asking questions that are backed by what specific liberals have said about soldiers in general within the last decade alone. I see your point -- but at the same time I don't see anything wrong with addressing it.

When we have art critics like Ken Johnson calling the mainstream art world out as a 'liberal circus'... and art critics like Jerry Saltz calling anyone who supports conservative views "Maniacs" or worse (many soldiers are conservative by the way)... well, I think questions like this need to be addressed.

Anti -soldier themes are directly associated with the way that most people view extreme liberalism... and it is because of what people, including high ranking Democrat politicians, have said about our troops. It is not hard to see that rhetoric in action if you look at the comments left on an article about recent war efforts on Yahoo or Google. You will see the same kind of examples I mentioned... and more.

Think of some of the statements from those associated with Code Pink. Furthermore, we see a lot of far left-wing liberal pundits speak out about the efforts of our troops all while throwing in a quick, "But I support the troops" -- no, no they don't... if they did they would be more tactful with what they say in the first place. You can be critical of the military while not taking jabs at our service people.

I agree -- it is foolish to place all the blame on those who serve. When you have someone like John McCain -- who, like him or not, is a hero -- and people saying things like, "I wish he had died in the camp." just because they do not support his politics... well... tough questions must be asked.

Don't get me wrong -- I realize both sides of the political aisle can be volatile at times. That said, I'm not going to cloud-over what I've seen coming from the extreme far-left in regards to our current service people and veterans for that matter... everyone has the right to their opinion... and I have every right to call it out. :)

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