Donald Fox 's comment on FineArtViews Interview: Sarah Eilefson -- Grants and Communications Coordinator for the National Veterans Art Museum

Donald Fox
via faso.com
This is an informative interview in spite of some effort to promote an agenda of labeling liberals as simplistic, anti-war, or anti-military, and uninformed about war-influenced artwork (or am I misreading?). Personally, I don't doubt that there are many liberals and conservatives who give up their own rationality to the political persuasion to which they give allegiance. Historically, this has been shown to be true with many social issues of the past whether war related or not. Ignorance is ignorance without respect to politics.

What was most interesting is Ms. Eilefson's response that the NVAM encourages artist soldiers to express themselves creatively without respect to any political persuasion â âThe NVAM embraces our artists and their work on the basis of their art and contemplation of the impact of war, regardless of the artist's politics or perspective.â Sometimes the results may be deeply disturbing and emotionally wrenching for artist and viewer. The results may also be cathartic.

War is brutal, dehumanizing, and takes its toll on soldier and civilian. Good people sometimes end up doing atrocious, horrible things. Innocent people are killed, brutalized, raped, and forced to endure other indignities. To blame all soldiers is foolish and stupid. No right-minded person would do so. Not everyone that goes into the military comes out like Timothy McVeigh or becomes a neo-Nazi. Some soldiers become John F. Kennedy, Jack Murtha, Daniel Inouye, or Bob Kerrey. Still, one can oppose war without necessarily opposing the warrior.

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