Debra LePage 's comment on FineArtViews Interview: Sarah Eilefson -- Grants and Communications Coordinator for the National Veterans Art Museum

Debra LePage
via faso.com
This is such an excellent and informative interview. I have visited the museum at it's S. Indiana location and was sorry to see it displaced to an upper level due to the sale of the building. The dog tags installation can still be seen and is such an emotional experience. We often take visitors in to see it and their reaction is always one of awe and sorrow. I agree that some of the work is difficult to view but it is essential for all of us to see what the effects of war are on the individual and to respect the sacrifices made. I hope the NVAM finds a home where more people can see this incredible art. Thank you for writing about this and thanks to Sarah Eilefson for her very important work.

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