Brian Sheriwn 's comment on Art and Politics: Why there should be a balance of political views expressed visually at public funded art museums

Brian Sheriwn
via faso.com
If my suggestion were to happen I don't think it would involve exhibits that have to show all angles of a social/political topic in order to take place. For example, if the exhibit involves a theme in support of the choice of abortion I'm not suggesting that in the same exhibit there should be examples of artwork that are pro-life.

I'm thinking more along the lines that if there is an exhibit that, for example, conveys an obvious extremely liberal political position on a topic-- well, at some point in the year there should be an exhibit that explores an extremely conservative political position on a topic. It would not have to be the same topic per se.

I'm not suggesting watered down exhibits by any means. I personally enjoy controversial, edgy artwork. I want to see ideas expressed and talked about. We should not be wary of confronting opposing views visually. There is more than enough room for views, in general, to be presented. explored, and debated-- and they all should have a chance in my opinion. Especially in the United States.

I think it is important for the views and opinions of our times to be documented visually-- and preserved by our museums. I don't think ideas and art should be "policed" in this context. I'd hope that most would agree with me...

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