Julie Thompson 's comment on Do artists need galleries anymore?

Julie Thompson
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With the internet becoming an ever-easier place for patrons to browse art, to research artists, and to shop, it is becoming more and more necessary for artists to build a good online presence in order to develop that market as well as the artist-to-patron relationship. These days my direct sales through the internet outpace my gallery sales by at least 4 to 1, at a conservative estimate. It is very possible to survive as an artist without galleries, and that's becoming more so all the time. There is no denying that an online market also greatly reduces geographic difficulties.

At the same time, I would never want to give up my galleries. With the physical gallery, you have that face-to-face contact with patrons, dealers, and collectors, which would be much more difficult without the gallery. Some galleries provide the space for their artists to teach classes or do weekend demos. It's a wonderful opportunity for all to meet one another in person, and that touch of humanity is still very much needed - while the internet is a fantastic marketing tool, it is still very impersonal in comparison to what a good gallery can provide.

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