Tina Mammoser 's comment on Do artists need galleries anymore?

Tina Mammoser
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Glad to find your blog! (through Twitter) I'm in that thread too and share many of your sentiments. As a fan of Duane and Hazel I think you've chosen some excellent examples.

I started, oddly, as both an online artist and gallery artist. Small places representing my work while I paid my bills with eBay sales. (many years ago) So I've always been supportive of both methods but simply found galleries worked better for me as I progressed. I do see things changing though and am enjoying building a community online but still wholeheartedly like my galleries too.

I don't need galleries to sell online. But online sales are meager.
I do need galleries because face-to-face I would rather be in the studio. (and I love Alyson's advice too!)
In addition geographically my work sells better in person but not in London, so slightly distant galleries become my best agents. Like you mention, I'm very happy to send customers to my galleries and also to make sure appropriate sales go back to them too.

I couldn't do it on my own nor do I want to, to be honest.

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