Christina 's comment on 12 Steps to Get Your Artwork Noticed by Galleries

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I think this is why many artists are brushing off galleries all together. You painted a picture of a gallery owner that is pompous and only cares about someone if you know the right people.. Of course not every gallery owner is like this, but I've met a few who do remind me more of a used car salesman than someone who appreciates the creative process. Yea, it's a business, I get it...
... Which is why so many artists are focusing on selling their own art and not about getting into a gallery who will take 50 percent of their profit. Personally, since I began focusing my efforts on my own online marketing and selling at local events and art festivals in the area I've been MUCH more successful. My art is finally making me some money!
... I think in another few years you'll be writing about how gallery owners are beating down artists' studio doors! Not the other way around, HA! :P

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