Brian Sherwin 's comment on FineArtViews Interview: Edward Winkleman -- Gallery Owner, Curator, Author and Art Blogger

Brian Sherwin
via faso.com
Thanks everyone. I've followed Ed's blog for years and his dedication to artists has long impressed me.

Barb -- I know of other NY gallery owners that spend an average of $20,000 per exhibit. Again, that is out of their pocket-- not the pocket of the artist exhibiting. Most NY gallery owners spend thousands out of their own pocket in order to participate in international art fairs as well.

What do you mean by "This alone would be a gallery turnoff!"? I assume you mean that running a gallery involves more risk than you originally thought?

One stereotype about gallery owners in larger cities is that they are all extremely wealthy. That is rarely the case-- and more often than not gallery doors close within 5 years of being open. Yet that stereotype is fueled by common art myth.

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