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shasta eone
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I haven't been associated yet a week with FASO, and I am very greatly impressed. The return to my passion for painting came last summer: hadn't painted for forty some years ! My whole life has been in art, professionally, beginning as a senior in high school for Proctor and Gamble on into a broad range of commercial art fields. Painting came with retirement from ... "deadlines." Now in place is "Serenity Scenes ", a collection of some 100 paintings: paintings with a purpose. Serenity renews body mind and spirit. In realism such can remind us of favorite times and places. This collection NEEDS a place such as FASO, and my learning more and more as like a young school child all the what's and how's for people to learn about, enjoy and want them. That very Joy is multiplied every time there is THAT connection. Articles discoverd here, GREATLY assists an artist towards experiencing this spirit and delight. THANK YOU.

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