Diane Overmyer 's comment on The Art of Failure

Diane Overmyer
via faso.com
Thanks for these simple, yet vital truths! It is good to use failure as a driving force to work harder and step back and really think about what we are doing or where we heading, as long as we don't let it hinder us or bog us down emotionally speaking. I recently hear about an artist who has only been painting for a little over 2 years. He is discontent because his work has not received an award yet. I remember that feeling after my very first art exhibit. When my seemingly perfect painting didn't receive any type of an award I took a good hard look at it and compared it with the winning pieces. Even though I was disappointed to not have won, I became a better artist because of it. Now that I have grown as an artist, I realize many times it is simply a matter of the judge's personal taste, as to who receives awards and who does not. I've had some of (what I consider) my best work rejected from a major competition on more than one occasion, yet at other times I've won Best of Show with pieces I never dreamed would receive a top award. I also have learned to honestly rejoice in other artist's success!

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