Joyce Dade 's comment on FineArtViews Interview: Edward Winkleman -- Gallery Owner, Curator, Author and Art Blogger

Joyce Dade
via faso.com
You've presented the best commentary here that I've read in a very long time, thank you.

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting, Edward Winkleman at the very close of his Moving Image installation recently and, I have visited his art blog before but, your interview here highlights so much insightful QandA.

I have to say, I'm grateful for all the questions you asked and the articulate responses you were given. I've actually never read any other interview with these kinds of disclosures, rich with information that artists can really benefit from. It stands as the very best I have come across to date. I will of course recommend that my friends read this interview and get to know FineArtViews if they are unfamiliar.

Thank you, Brian Sherwin; I am looking forward to following all of your interviews at FineArtViews.

Edward Winkleman, thank you so much for generosity, your interview stands as a (low calorie but) rich statement.

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