J. Dade 's comment on FineArtViews Interview: Mat Gleason -- Art Critic and Founder of Coagula Art Journal

J. Dade
via faso.com
I enjoyed reading this. I like your chutzpah, Mat Gleason. You have a raunchy and rugged style of saying what it is that you have to say in a way that is masculine but not malevolent masculine, if that makes sense. :) I laughed reading this, well art-educated and sarcastic in places interview. Dr. Jerry Saltz comes to mind but with perhaps a more youthful swagger. You guys call it like it is and isn't that refreshing? Yes, it is. Old world art commentators, writers, critics, gate keepers are still out ana about but, the paradigm has shifted and with the egg cracked, if you will. We are all in for a brighter tomorrow in publishing as well as art. It is our future going forward.

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