Brian Sherwin 's comment on Do artists need galleries anymore?

Brian Sherwin
via canvoo.com
I do think the Internet is changing the landscape of art buying slowly-- and will, in time, potentially shape it in one swift direction in the near future. A new generation of art collectors happens to be just on the horizon-- individuals who will have been raised buying items and services online, will no doubt expect artists to have a personal website, and will most likely want to purchase directly from artists online. Iâve been writing about this possibility for years.

It will be interesting to see if a direction of the art market that traditionalists tend to scoff at will become the status quo of art marketing in the near future. This might be why you see notable art critics like Jerry Saltz-- as well as notable gallery owners, like Larry Gagosian-- embracing social networking. Perhaps they realize and accept that change is coming-- and strive to have some ground to stand on when those changes come.

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