Diane Overmyer 's comment on 12 Steps to Get Your Artwork Noticed by Galleries

Diane Overmyer
via canvoo.com

In answer to your question about how far to travel: It all depends on how far you are willing to travel to transport work, or if you or your gallery are willing to pay for the shippment of work to and from the gallery.

The furthest gallery I ever had was Georgia, a 12 hour drive for me. The gallery ended up closing and I haven't yet expored other long distance partnerships with out of state galleries.

I live in Northern Indiana and my current furthest gallery is Cincinnati. That is a 6 hour drive for me. Even though that is a long way, I have found it is worth spreading out, so I don't have galleries getting upset at me for showing work in close proximity to another gallery.

I currently have two galleries in another large city, but that is because my work is only at one of them at a time. I don't know how this situation will pan out, so I may end up having to go with just one of the two.

My theory is if you can find at least one gallery that really fits with your work and they are excited about having your work and able to sell your work, that is worth more than having 5 or 6 other galleries, no matter how far you have to transport the work.

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