Nancy Pingree Hoover 's comment on Ten Reasons for the Emerging Artist to Join a Local Art Group

Nancy Pingree Hoover
via canvoo.com
Great article! I agree joining art groups can be a rewarding experience and help you grow in your art. However, I would add that one should be careful and research local art groups before joining. Ask around and get recommendations, especially if you are paying to join.

Most groups are great, but some may be more for the inexperienced artist, and some may be geared toward the experienced artist. Check out the groups activities and events. Make sure they do the types of activities you are looking for.

I joined one group when I first moved to my area and I was all excited about it. Then I found out that the artists in the group NEVER got together to do anything ..... literally - NEVER (and I paid dues to join)! I only saw them at art show receptions. All the other activities they had (like workshops, demos, etc.) cost more than I could afford. With my area being very rural, art groups are far and few between. I started to put one together, had my core charter group, then life happened and it fell apart. When we move to Texas next year, I'll look for another group. I already know of a couple that would be terrific to join and are just what I'm looking for!

So, yes, join an art group, but do your homework first! Nice work Moshe!

God Bless!

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