Moshe Mikanovsky 's comment on Ten Reasons for the Emerging Artist to Join a Local Art Group

Moshe Mikanovsky
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Excellent comments everyone!

For me, the ability to ask for help is key. I know I cannot do everything by myself. No one business out there is built on the one person's shoulders only. There might be the idea creator, or the creative mind, but everyone has *things* they hate doing, and need help with, and it is being humble about realizing it and asking for the help.
A community of artists is a place to start. As simple as that.

Deborah - I don't think I ever visited in Kibbutz Ein Dor. I am from Tel Aviv area originally, so really a city boy... In my last trip back home this last August we did go by Afula and Nazareth area on our way north, so we might have passed next to it...
And, I do have sentiments for your last name. My wife's maiden name is also Weinstein.


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