Esther J. Williams 's comment on Ten Reasons for the Emerging Artist to Join a Local Art Group

Esther J. Williams
via canvoo.com
I presently belong to four art groups, the activities are overwhelming, so I have to decline many of them. But in the past 8 years, I have expanded my technical knowledge, honed my social skills and became known as an artist in the area or region. In the beginning I joined several Friday plein air groups for painting at picked locations. There would be a mentor or demonstrator artist who was seasoned and established. With all that observation and practice in the field, I evolved greatly. Being in countless art shows and exhibitions built my resume into a long list. To top it off with a cherry, I feel I belong here and have made many friends. It is a good thing so to speak to join art clubs. It takes you out of your comfort zone of staying around the studio or home all the time. I used to complain about that, there is a lot of time invested in running around. You know what? It is all worth it!

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