Katarzyna Lappin 's comment on Ten Reasons for the Emerging Artist to Join a Local Art Group

Katarzyna Lappin
via canvoo.com
Moshe, I love your article and I think this is a great thing to be a part of artists groups. There was always this stereotype of a lonely painter, alienated from regular stream of life and this is far from the truth these days. We need to be social to survive on every level of life.

I am a member of three art organizations and this was crucial to me when I decided to expose my art to the public. I like the monthly meetings with the other local artists and I give them so much credit for what I was able to gain this year. The other bigger organization takes most of the credit for selling my works in a great venue located in one of the best area of my city. Also it helped me to get some recognition through awards.

What is great about the two art associations I belong is that they provide so many opportunities to learn, they invite other great artists for art demos, they do the shows, they do the paint out meetings, critiques and many more.

It is a wonderful way to network, to meet others, to exchange experience. I believe that whatever we gain in life is always a result of work of many people. We can never say "I did it all by myself". It is great to make ourselves available to help others and to be helped.

Thank you for your great post :)

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