Lorraine Khachatourians 's comment on Ten Reasons for the Emerging Artist to Join a Local Art Group

Lorraine Khachatourians
via canvoo.com
Moishe, I can attest to all the positives you have listed here. As a beginning artist I was invited to join a local group about 6 years ago and it helped me in many ways - working consistently (we meet twice a month), having group shows etc. As a result I have grown a great deal and become more confident as a painter.

My question regards how long should one stay with a group. Can one outgrow a group? I have been approached about joining another, older and well established group in our small city, which is very flattering. But I feel loyalty to the group I began with. I won't be making any decisions until next spring, but wonder about others' experiences with this kind of situation.

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