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Sue Martin
via canvoo.com
Clint, I followed this strategy when I created my FASO site - SueMartinFineArt.com. And, happily, I come up second on the Google search for Sue Martin Fine Art. When searching "Sue Martin" the first page is all about actress "Pamela Sue Martin." Anyway, my question is this: There is another Sue Martin Fine Art (.co) in South Africa. Is there any way to avoid possible confusion? Recently, I had a message on my web site from someone who said she bought one of my prints and wondered if she could get me to sign it. First of all, I haven't made any prints of my work, except for myself and family. So I thought it might be a scam. Then it occurred to me that someone might have "stolen" one of my images and printed it. But I suspect this person has me confused with that other Sue Martin. Any suggestions?

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