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Nancy Riedell
via canvoo.com
I've been meaning to tell you this: Recently, I visited my newly relocated (from Silicon Valley) and married son in Nevada. He used to be quite a computer fanatic before he was married. He is very familiar with computers and has even built a couple from scratch.

He wanted to show his new mother-in-law my web site. However, he couldn't remember the exact name so he Googled my name. The website from FASO (I have several sites) was the first one that appeared. So, they found my site and he was able to show off my art to his new mother-in-law and all was good.

When he told me this story, he said "Mom, this site was the first one on Google. You always want your name to be at the top. You have an excellent web developer."

Then he smiled and gave me a thumbs-up. That meant the world to me.

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