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Rick Rotante
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The gallery idea is a difficult one because not every artist has the same experience with the same gallery as another artist in the same gallery. (odd phrasing but you get the jist) When my gallery could sell my work, they were exemplary and attentive, when that changed, so did their response. Galleries change over night according to
the "flavor of the month" club changes. If they are selling, their a good gallery. If not, they are not. But, intrinsically, they are the same gallery. It's called Commerce.
I don't like that artists are willing, for a chance to be in a gallery, to sell their souls, put up with economic inequities and downright mismanagement from galleries.
They control who is going to be exposed and what is Hip and Now. They say who is in and who is out. The Artwork is almost irrelevant. I've seen a client come into
a gallery, the owner shows them the current rave, the client goes to someone else ( a piece in a corner) and the owner immediately switches off the current favorite
and pushes the artist the client is interested in. They don't have your best interest in mind. They are there to sell whatever anyone is interested in at the time.
It's okay I guess, but it's a bit like being in a candy store. Cherry today, chocolate tomorrow. They don't care if you are a good artist and try an elevate the client, they sell art. period. Galleries don't invest in artists. Why? Because there are so many artists of late that if one isn't selling, they replace him/her with twenty more waiting in the wings. Artists need to take their art into their own hands. No one will sell my work better than me. Also, most collectors want to touch the artist, they want to have contact. I know because when I start to tell them about a piece they like, it's as good as sold.
I know not everyone can do this or even wants to do this. That's why galleries formed. Lets face it, many artists are not good salespeople. We're artists for kripes sake.
Americans are being exposed to more media than ever. Images abound all around us. What passes for art today is Hollywood bimbos bear breasted holding a football
or some such current media hype item. If McDonalds started to give away Art with every hamburger, the American public would have more exposure to it than visiting
any gallery or museum. But there is little "appetite" for good art among the general public. Why, because we can't recognize it anymore. It's become something to use to sell cars or show off the latest couture fashion. Galleries aren't the problem. Artists are the problem. If there were no art, there would be no galleries. We should control the "industry" by making great art and acknowledging it as such. Educate the public to recognize it when they see it.

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