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victor schiro
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I am pleased to read an article that addresses the subject of the subjective aspects of juried competitions
However,(and here it goes), the most important truth about so many if not all of the juried competitions is the glaring conflict of interest that is in the selective process. I am now treading on dangerous ground to even bring up the subject of cronyism. It is not merely the "subjective taste" of a judge that is why the same artists are given the top prizes.
Let me say this in a positive way. If your painting does finally get accepted, and possible even get an award from a judge from the pool of cronies that enter one month, and than judge another month; you have truly achieved something.
This conflict of interest is of course a fact of life in many other fields, and has nothing to do with subjective taste. You choose me and I will then choose you is what happens way too often. Or worse still, jurors who select a painting because the "artist" takes workshops from the juror.
If this sounds like sour grapes; I can assure you that I offer this truth up as a very seasoned person who had to navigate through a much tougher world in the Hollywood film and TV business for over 30 yrs. And I never cry at my age about these truths in life.
I do offer-up the subject of cronyism so that those who dare not speak get to read the subject aired in the open. And therefore not get caught in believing that art is so subjective that one's truly accomplished painting is past over for a dog or cute kitty painting because of "subjective taste".
I would hope however, that those who job it is to select jurors for their competitions try their best to have the competitions be as free of this blatant cronyism as possible. The California Art Club is bad enough along with so many of the so called academies without making every single venue a contest about breaking through the ol'boy network that pollutes too many things in today's world.

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