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eun jung keun
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I am Korean people
The English expression is wrong and please understand.
I have collected about 33 years foreign.
Jackson Pollock Painting Size Height 64.5cm Length 1m.92cm
The piece black and white Pollock painting
If you are interested in, we will send you all the scientific evidence
I was planning an art gallery for the purpose of collecting paintings.
But the situation has changed
So we have to sell donations.

Sell ââone painting to the buyer
De kooning Camille Pizarro René Magritte Basquiat Dali Picasso Sagal Miro Rothko Georges BRAQUE Amedeo Modigliani sculpture pastel painting
MAX ERNST Egon Schiele GUSTAV KLIMT hiroshi sugimoto Kandinsky
About 30 paintings will be donated

I tried to make an art gallery when I was collecting paintings.
But now everything has changed
Peer painting has three scientific emotional reports owned
Send reports if interested

I can confirm my visit to Busan at any time

My mail [email protected]
Waiting for reply
I'm sorry to use Google's here

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