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Christi Pemberton
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Hello. Thank you for your comments. Yes you are right. To operate the functions of the site, you have to become join social network. You can just see the main page without joining. Joining is free, which will put you as a basic member. That is described on the left side in the "short description" space. My site is a website and social network rolled up into one using the Ning.com platform/social network creation tool. I use it for events and shows, so having a large membership is not necessary. There will be a general use network available soon that will be like an online magazine and social network.

In fact, in my website URL, you will see "ning.com". The function of stopping the music box may be something that you can do after you join. The stop button is in the center and has two parallel lines that will turn into an arrow button when you push it.

If you look at the menu at the top and the short description on the left side, they will give you the general "make up" of the site. If you scroll down, then you will find the shows that I have online which includes a gallery of art and also of video productions. Think of it as a video and an art gallery network for entertainment.

The site is a Ning.com social network site; and Ning.com sites normally require a person to become a social network member to see all of the site. It is like Facebook, where you can't see facebook sites or the facebook groups without first joining facebook in general. When you join Ning.com, then you will be able to build your profile (like Facebook), and then just use your username and password to join other Ning.com groups without having to go through building a profile again.

Ning.com is a very popular and common social network creation tool where people can develop their own network and create a community of people who like the same topic/subject.We have the option as Ning.com creators to set the site on public or private. Public gives us the option to show just the main page, and require members to sign in...or just operate the site as almost like a basic website where you can see everything without signing in. Signing up is basically creating your own profile, like what you find in Facebook..(you can't see the facebook pages and facebook groups without signing up for facebook, which is free...Ning.com is like that as well.

Social networks are common to build a community of people who love the same topic....so, signing in as a member will give the network creator and the member a sense of that community and who else is there to create dialogue about the area of interest. That is a very common thing with social networks...sign up and sign in to participate and become part of the community.

Thank you for contacting me back.


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