Karen 's comment on All Filled Up and Nowhere To Go

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I use an application called "Things" from a company called Cultured Code. They have a desktop version (for mac) as well as an iOS version. So whether I'm in my studio or out, I can keep my to do list up to date. It's a very good project/to do list manager.
I stopped keeping lists on paper long ago - I'd lose them, too. But this digital solution works for me. The app called Evernote is good, too, but I like the "check off" box feature in Things.

Re: commissions - generally I love them. Some customers are more flexible than others, but it all evens out, and it's great knowing that a painting already has a loving home waiting when I'm working on it.

Joanne - one way that I keep volume down is that I constantly frame and reframe for shows. I don't frame paintings and then have to store them all framed. I have a large frame inventory in a variety of sizes, so I can pick an appropriate frame for a show or for display to a client. But mostly, I store my paintings unframed, so that takes less space.

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