Naomi 's comment on Art and Politics: Why there should be a balance of political views expressed visually at public funded art museums

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I live in an extremely liberal community. My work was never political in nature, and I sold my work through a number of galleries. I was also accepted into local shows. However, the minute I spoke out on a particular issue, I found myself immediately ostracized. I was suddenly out of a particular show I had been accepted into regularly. I found I was kept out of other shows as well. It seems that the left, which prides itself on its "tolerance", has apparently re-defined the word to mean anything BUT tolerance for anyone holding any sort of conservative view! They will viciously punish any artist who dares to express an opinion outside of their carefully constructed liberal box. This is completely against what art should be about - freedom to THINK and express oneself in a myriad of ways, whether visually or in some other way without fearing retribution. The art world has become tyrannical in nature.

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