Walter Paul Bebirian 's comment on Art Marketing for Artists Who Want to Change the World

Walter Paul Bebirian
via faso.com
there is absolutely no way that anyone can ever anticipate exactly how any other person will react to one piece of art or another - what determines what art one person purchases over another from one artist or another has to do with how -at the moment in time that the potential purchaser relates to any one or a number of things - items - elements in one piece as opposed to how they relate to the elements in another piece -

and there is no way that there can be predicted by any person on earth how this will go for any of the over 7 billion people on this planet -

not even price or material or fame of the artist or price greatness or lack there of can be more than a small element at any particular moment of what the entire psychological mix that goes into the purchasers decision to have to have a piece now - even such additional elements such as an individuals background - culture - personal experiences - exposure to other pieces of art and so many other outside influences go into such a decision including even the environment that a person is currently living in and the weather at this time of year and family dynamics at the present time - to name a few -

all of these go into determining - what - for the person who is about to acquire a piece - makes that piece special or in other words - what makes the relationship between the viewer and the art work itself -

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