Cheryl Lally 's comment on In Memory of Doug Okulewicz (1963 - 2016)

Cheryl Lally
via faso.com
I grew up across the street from Doug and we were the same age so had a lot of classes together at good, old Cheektowaga Central. Although the last time I saw Doug was probably in the 90's, I still can recall his wide, bright smile and his quick wit. Even back in the 70s in high school, he was an accomplished artist. He always had drawings on his notebooks of squirrels, fox, and other wildlife and they were amazingly detailed.

It was shocking to hear that he has passed from this earth. After reading his bio, I'm glad that his devotion to our Lord directed the way he lived each day. I wish that I would have known him better as an adult. This world could use a few more people like Doug.

Thank you for remembering Doug with this page.

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