Allyna Harris 's comment on Find Your Style and Stick with It! Sigh . . .

Allyna Harris
via faso.com
I trained as a musician and composer before I became a painter. I write all kinds of music and I paint all kinds of pictures. I do not have or want gallery representation. I do gallery shows and open studio events. My paintings are inspired by nature's energy and flow and sometimes reality but are often very different from each other. My colour palette changes and so do my tools, sometimes brushes, sometimes palette knives. I am continually surprised by the variety of work I have been able to sell in this way (look for the red dots on my web site images :))
Sometimes a piece that I love and think will have universal appeal gets very little reaction. Sometimes a quick piece I am considering painting over gets snapped up at a studio sale and more "likes" on Facebook when I experiment with posting it than one of my "masterpieces" I slaved over for weeks! I find the whole process fascinating! I am curious and interested in all kinds of things. I could not paint the same thing every day. Yet galleries are still interested in what I am doing and my art collectors eager to see the latest things I am working on. My feeling is to be happy and successful in our creative work takes getting out of the way of oneself and imagined expectations. Just make the best work we can and offer it with the most open heart! Thank you for your article. I think many artists need to hear your thoughts on this.

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