Mark Brockman 's comment on Find Your Style and Stick with It! Sigh . . .

Mark Brockman
via faso.com
One of the best reads yet Carolyn, thanks.

'Find your style and stick to it' means, unlike every product (a product being anything and everything created), there will never be a 'New and improved' version.

If I wanted to make money off something that never changes I would make, wait, I can't think of anything that doesn't change.

Yup, I liking making money off my art, but I like making art more. That means I need to experiment, push myself and my painting, think of new ideas and new ways to express those ideas, to open myself up to my ever changing moods and emotions. If the only way to success is to find a style and stick to it I'll take failure instead, it's more fun. Besides if you study those artists who were successful, they did not sit still, they grew artistically, most of them anyway.

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