Braylee 's comment on Find Your Style and Stick with It! Sigh . . .

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Thank you for this article. As an artist, I think that we inherently have our own style, no matter the subject matter, if we create from the authentic well of creative expression from within. This idea that we need to find our style and stick with it is one that I've heard all my art career. It is challenging when you want to veer off and experiment. I look forward to your next article on experimentation. With my beginning remark about our style being inherent, I think that might or might not be true? This is something I will think about as I look over my own body of work. I think I do have a certain sensibility and maybe that comes across as style? Maybe we need to define what style is. And then there is the idea of evolving as we learn and do the work. Thanks, Carolyn, for giving me a can opener to my mind so I can swirl around with these ideas and concepts.

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