Sandy Askey-Adams 's comment on Artfully Avant and Enso Our Newest Design Templates

Sandy Askey-Adams
via faso.com
Hello.. And Thank you.

Guess I am being assertive right now. Thank you for posting my blog post on "The assertive Artist."

I just looked at the new templates....and they are very modern and updated looking.

But, (I think) when the name is on the far side and written on its side as well, it is hard to see.
Viewers are going to be looking for the name of the artist to be sure they are on the right web site.,,or whatever else the reason.

Does everyone know that those short lines take one into the menu?
(I think it is good to have the Scroll Down on Diane Lion's site.)

Will there be a new selection of colors too?

I like so many of your templates that I do switch off and on. I still want to figure out how to do more of a script with my name yet though.

Thank you for providing so many great web sit variations!!! AND color choices.
You are the best in my opinion.


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