Steve Worthington 's comment on Do artists need galleries anymore?

Steve Worthington
via clintwatson.net
Here's how I do it.
Galleries sell most of my work.
Nearly all of my larger pieces (over $1,000 retail) are sold through galleries.
My smaller pieces I sell five times more of through galleries than online, but there's one of me and about ten galleries.

It works out that I sell about double any one average gallery's sales of small pieces.
But one or two galleries significantly out perform the average.

I've only been making and selling sculpture for about 3.5 yrs to date, and I'm hoping to increase my online presence and also sell through more galleries.

I embrace both approaches.
What I like best about selling online is direct contact and feedback with collectors. Maybe it's just egotistical, but I get such a kick out of their reactions to my work.

What I like best about selling through galleries is that they can present a comfortable hands on experience for potential collectors of my larger pieces.

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