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Discuss: Submitting Iridescent Artwork to Galleries | BrushBuzz by Canvoo

Discuss: Submitting Iridescent Artwork to Galleries

Submitted by kginney at 6/20/2017 6:35:20 PM CST

kginney: I have a new body of work which is created from mixed media, some of which is gel pen iridescent and other metallics on paper. I have an excellent photographer who has photographed this work, but the shimmering quality is lost in the photo process. He is the best. How do you present these images to galleries which may be a distance away, and only able to see the artwork online. I know that I can send a "sample" of the style later, but I need to be able to get in the door. Has anyone tried this before? What is the answer?!

Terri Symington
via faso.com
Perhaps doing a video, or Skype or a video call.... ? You could try it to see if different angles of lighting will reflect off the reflective particles...

Julia Hacker
via faso.com
I have the same issue with resin finish. Try to search for other artist working with metallic shiny images and see how they present artwork