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Link: 10 Common Mistakes Artists Make at Art Fairs | BrushBuzz by Canvoo

Link: 10 Common Mistakes Artists Make at Art Fairs

Submitted by theartedge at 8/6/2015 5:26:33 PM CST

Quote from article: " Don't crowd an art fair booth with too much art. If you bring everything you’ve ever made so you can have something for everyone, you risk ‘kitchen sink’ visual overload. If my eyes are bouncing from one piece to the next, it’s like not being able to see the forest for the trees. (Aletta de Wal)

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BrushBuzz Discussion:

Cheryl Nelson Kellar
via faso.com
That's an excellent list!
I participate in a couple of festival type shows each year. As a newbie, I would take it all. Each year I edited a little more, but still tried to have something for everyone. Then last year I just took the work I am excited about, the direction I want to go. I was terrified I was screwing up, but actually had my best show ever and not by just a little bit.
I like your idea of writing down the 10 and 10. Will definitely add that to my experience.