Artist Quick Facts and Your Listing in the Artist Directory

As artists, some of you take to marketing your art like ducks to water and others of you, well... you don't.  Whether it's lack of knowing where to begin or just a flat dislike of doing something that takes time away from the creation of your art, it doesn't matter - you all know to be successful in the sale of your art, some form of marketing has to take place.


FASO knows this and understands there are a million places to begin and the overwhelm can practically paralyze an artist into doing nothing at all.  That's why we do little things to help.  Take for instance, our Artist Directory.  Anyone going to the main FASO website can easily click on our artist directory and see a listing of artists on FASO.  With the right information, you could garner your fair share of visitors searching for their next art purchase.


To see the artist directory, go to http://faso.com and click the link that says Artist Websites.  There, you'll be able to navigate the directory, which is organized by last name, and find your listing.


Ah, here I am.





If I click on my name, I'm taken to my specific listing in the directory.  This page can potentially tell a person nearly everything they need to know about you and your art - which could encourage them to check out your website and become your next, or biggest, collector.


We start off with the facts... You can enter this information in your Artist Quick Facts and I'll show instructions for that in just a bit.



Here, you can see my name, an example artwork, a link to my website, some pertinent facts about me, a link to my Connect profile, and for convenience, a follow button so you can automatically follow my art on Connect.


Next, you'll see what others are saying about me.  Because I'm not an actual artist, I've added quotes I like, but you can add the appropriate comments others have made about you and your art.  



 After we hear all the good things others are saying, we're presented with an opportunity to read your bio (yet another reason to keep it current).



So, as you can see, a potential collector could find out a lot about you in this listing and I know you want the information to be as accurate and current as possible.  Of course, the bio is pulled from your bio page in your FASO control panel.  But the other information is pulled from your Artist Quick Facts.  Here's how to edit yours and make your artist listing the best it can possibly be.


1.  As always, login to your FASO control panel.


2.  Click on your bio link.  Now, remember, if you changed the wording on it, it won't necessarily say Bio.  It might say resume or about the artist.




3.  Next, click the link that says Edit Artist Quick Facts.



4.  Aha!  Does this look familiar?  This is where you enter your website and those important, first impression facts you would want a potential collector to know about you.  These could be anything from specific notes about your style to awards you've won to locations or subject matter.  The sky is the limit - what do you want people to know about you?




5.  Now, you get the opportunity to add a bio pic.  I know many of you are shy but imagine how much more of a connection a viewer could make if they could see the artist behind the art?  Your choice - it's not required but it's something to definitely think about.  





6.  Next, we're on to the sections where you can add what people are saying about you.  There's a place for you to add an artist statement, collector quotes, dealer quotes, and things that other artists have said about you.




7.  Now you've gotten all your quotes added, it's time to pick an example artwork.  I wish I had some helpful advice for narrowing down all your awesome art into one piece that you want to showcase but I don't - that tough decision is all in your hands!  ;-)





8.  Be sure to save your changes!


Now, your artist directory listing should be up to date and very informative.  If you've left your artist directory page loaded in your browser, remember to hit refresh to see your updates.


People want to know about you and your art - help them become your biggest fans ever.  Your masterpiece could be just what they're looking for.


Happy creating!




8 Responses to Artist Quick Facts and Your Listing in the Artist Directory

via faso.com
Very helpful! I appreciate all your step-by-step tutorials.

Kath Reilly
via faso.com
Thanks - that was very useful.

Carolyn Hancock
via faso.com
Carrie, I've had my the Focal Point Data set up for a long time. Would love to know how much traffic it generates. Most important, I saw that wonderful Follow button, and wondered whether it could be added to the blog. But there it was, already there, at the bottom on the main blog page. So great job, FASO.
Any way to add it to individual blog posts?

John P. Weiss
via faso.com
Carrie- Many thanks for the informative info! I'll have to check my Focal Point Data now!

Walter Paul Bebirian
via faso.com
thank you -

I did not realize that there was such an index and that my name was searchable on it - it is always interesting to see how many ways different people are able to get to see my work and from which directions they are coming at me from -

it is certainly an interesting experience - practicing the art of marketing - indeed - there is no telling when or how someone else will come upon any one of the many artists work here - and it is always a joy to see how many of the artists are developing over time and how wonderful everyone's work is -

bravo FASO!

and thank you - Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


via faso.com
Thanks so much for the informative tutorial...you rock!!

via faso.com
Informative post. What is the process by which the "100 top artist websites" are selected?

Becky Reynolds
via faso.com
Artists featured on the '100 selected top artist websites listed' page are the choice of FASO Founder Clint Watson, a former art gallery owner. Many of these accomplished artists are painters he has worked with in the past. Sometimes our website clients who write a nice testimonial are featured here as well. :)

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