Eurostyle (beta)


Remember when we talked about the custom designed sites that were the basis for our newest template releases?  Well, those custom sites have yet again inspired a new template and we're ready to unveil it for you today.  Eurostyle is a very sleek, very clean site style and for those of you looking for a modern backdrop for your masterpieces, this could be the style you've been looking for.


Eurostyle is a gen3 template and, of course, comes with all the benefits of our more modern site styles.  In case you need a reminder, gen 3 templates include:


  • mobile responsiveness - meaning they look great on any size screen
  • improved design and css capabilities
  • built in social sharing options

If you're ready to make the switch to Eurostyle, read on!


1.  From your FASO control panel home page, click on the Design link in the upper navigation bar.




2.  Then, click the link that says Change Your Site's Template




3.  Click the image that says Eurostyle.




4.  It'll then show you a preview page. Click the link that says Use this template design on your site.



Here's a quick preview of how it looks on mobile:




5.  You'll then get confirmation that changes have been made.  

A few of our members are already using Eurostyle and it looks great on their site!














Remember, there is no extra charge for any of our templates and if you change your mind, you can easily switch back to your old template without worrying about losing any of your content.


Stay tuned...there are more templates coming and each one will have a look and feel that will inspire you to make the very best art to display on your very awesome website.


Happy creating!





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Robin hiers
via faso.com
Hi I just switched over to Eurostyle it is so much more slick - thanks!!

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